Black Metal Belgium is a TV-documentary showing a sub-part of the black metal scene in Belgium at the end of the 90’s.

It’s not particularly fact-heavy or anything, simply a collection of short soundbites from a number of fans, organizers and musicians, glued together by some live- and crowd-footage (with some nice pit-cuts too).

As such, it does give a quite good insight into the individualistic make-up of the black metal crowd – everyone is involved for their own reason(s), and nobody seems to care much whether the guy standing next to them is of a quite different opinion to their own.

Of course, all Joe Public would remember from seeing this, would be the parts with the racist/white supremacist shit, but hell, it IS a part of the scene, and I for one would definitely not want to have this hidden away, even if I do find it intolerably distasteful.