If you want to contact me for any reason whatsoever, cool!

Just write an email to morten@strangebeautifullifegiving.com and I’ll get back to you. Be forewarned though, if you’re just spitting hate and venom, you WILL be exposed on this sites oh-so-public pages…

Think your band’s music is worth considering for review and exposure on SBL? Equally cool – just shoot me an email and enclose whatever you want me to hear. Please, though, enclose lyrics too – I find lyrics enormously important. Insist on physical media? – email me and I’ll send you a phtysical address. One word of caution though: I’ll give absolutely no guarantees whatsoever for including anything on the site’s pages. Everything will be taken into consideration, sure, but I’m merely (barely?) human, and cannot endeavour to give everything the scrutiny, repeated listenings and immersion it takes to actually cover something in earnest. And honestly, who would want a half-assed mention at this site anyway? :-)

Want to contribute to the content on SBL? Once again, cool? Send me an email (notice a pattern here?) and enclose a few examples of your work, and I’ll get back to you.


– Morten “The Goatkeeper” Nielsen