Strange Beautiful Lifegiving is about darkness. And light.

It’s about disharmony. And the harmonies that allow it to exist.

Modern life, modern pop music, generally does not acknowledge anything negative. It’s a gloss-over. It’s a scam. It’s the Hollywood of sound, determined to cover up anything miserable, anything ugly, anything substantial. Because we all know things don’t exist if we turn our backs on them. At least they’ll only exist for others, not quite so fortunate and ignorant.

There’s a different reality. A real reality. Called ‘Life’.

It’s not pretty. It’s not sweet. It’s not harmonic.

It’s ugly, filled with inconsistencies, never fair, never balanced. But inbetween it’s got these exquisite moments of intense beauty. Fantastic people hidden among all the people just floating along on the Long Slow River. People you love, people making a difference in your life, in other people’s lives – or perhaps just waiting for the opportunity to make that difference.

Strange Beautiful Lifegiving is about this life. About real life. About the ugliness, the hate, the violence. And about the love, the sacrifice and the real beauty. And the music that accompanies it.

One thing this site is not though… It’s not about being negative for the sake of it. There’s plenty of negativity going around, thank you. And there’s plenty websites feeding on this negative obsession with the negative which is so fucking human. Write a scathing negative review of something you dislike – get 100 times the hits – 100 times the money. Good business sense, that.

Strange Beautiful Lifegiving isn’t about adding further to the negative aspects of life. We recognize the inherrent negativity in humanity, yes. We love music and art describing this fact of life, yes. But why would we add to it, simply by slagging something we don’t like, when there’s so much great stuff waiting to be explored.

Strange Beautiful Lifegiving is also not a news site, or aspiring at all to be a comprehensive, all-encompassing site. For every album mentioned, there’s a hundred great ones that will never get attention. For every song shared, there are thousands not even listened to, perhaps equally fantastic. But you may leave with one promise: nothing covered here will be indifferent.

Some will be strange. Some will be beautiful. Some will be lifegiving. Some will even be all of them. Injecting meaning into otherwise chaotic lives, opening pathways enabling us to enjoy the beauty of life, focusing on what’s actually worth focusing on.

Given that, I really, really hope you’ll enjoy this site – it’s my way of trying to give back, what I’ve received from music (extreme or non-extreme alike) during the last many, many years.


October 2015

– Morten Nielsen