Hello there, and welcome hither.

I was originally going to take my time launching this site. It was going to be great-looking, with cool design, and with lots of thought put into both structure and content. (In short – it was probably never even going to see light of day – such is life :-) )

Instead, in the afterglory of picking up my ticket to the Roadburn 2016 festival, I decided to just plunge into the cold water, with a butt-ugly design, nothing much in the vein of structure, and a somewhat clouded idea of the direction of the content. This is counter-intuitive for a control-freak and ultra-perfectionist – but again, if you need to get something done, just do it and let others sort out the debris.

You would be amongst these others then – the onlookers, the watchers, the sorters. I thank you for taking on that role. It is after all, rather boring to have a pile of debris, and no one to sift through it.

Now, this wouldn’t be much of a calling-on song, if it didn’t in some way try to describe the delights I’ll have for you. So let’s at least try to sort out the mess that’s my thought-processes. With one caveat: I do intend this site to evolve and expand dynamically, so what it is this moment, this year, could be very different from the going-ons in some distant future next year.

But for now, at least, I will seek to document the diversity and awesomeness of the Roadburn 2016 lineup. You see, music to me is the glue of existence. Without music, existence would simply unravel and wither away. But, like there are different kinds of glue, depending on the stuff you need glued together, different kinds of music is needed, depending on your mood and the troubles existence throws your way. In a nutshell, the Roadburn line-up more or less shows off exactly that diversity, and is thus an excellent starting point, when (as I do) you want to put the spotlight on mind-altering and/or mind-preserving music.

But man does not exist on bread and music alone. So expect to also find an eclectic collection of non-music videos, literature, science and esoterica.

Because it’s a given – if you’ve got a cluttered, eclectic mind – that’s what will be overflowing from it.

With that – I now declare this site to be officially open. I hope it will bring you some pleasure.


– Morten Nielsen, October 4th 2015.