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Amenra – Children Of The Eye

If there’s a band that’s almost synomous with visual presentation it must be Amenra. From their incredible video-backgrounds for their electric live-masses, which are a big part of the devastating effect of catching them live, through the graphical aesthetics of their work (be it albums or merchandise), to some incredible video-work – everything seems to […]

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Full Of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy

I think I’m just about ready to bring back the daily videos (let’s call them quasi-daily, shall we ;-) ) – and I can find no better place to start than with this astounding new video from Full Of Hell. Offering a jarring, disturbing, yet still aesthetically interesting video-side that fits perfectly with the jarring, […]

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Miserable – Stay Cold

Solo project from the singer of King Woman, Miserable really is what it says on the package. Melancholic hurt entwined in black and white music of an almost pristine quality that takes an emotional toll on the listener – and boy can I see myself in the emotions conjured by Kristina Esfandiari. The video for Stay […]

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Rotting Christ – Les Litanies De Satan

Coinciding with the Charles Baudelaire poem posted earlier, this video by Rotting Christ seemed fitting, since the lyrics was inspired by his excellent Fleurs Du Mal collection. Ordinarily I wouldn’t spend much time on a mere lyrics video, but this one is actually excellent, with some great imagery underlining the dark sentiment of the song. […]

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Schammasch – Golden Light

Taken from their massive new triple-album Triangle, Schammasch‘ Golden Light is an aesthetically fabulous video, which, while containing many of the same trappings as a lot of other black metal oriented videos (like skulls, religious artifacts, nature-shots etc.) still manages to capture me almost as much as does the music, and instilling a sense of both […]

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