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Roadburn 2018 – 006: Panopticon

Austin Lunn – Everything and anything Of all the myriad of experimenting black metal one-man projects, Austin Lunn‘s Panopticon is one of the absolutely most interesting. After a somewhat searching debut, Lunn has increasingly moved into what could be known as post-black territory, all the while fervently experimenting and exploring. While maintaining the complete and […]

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OK now, time to get this site up and running again. It’s been too long already. Let’s not bore each other with details, explanations and sorry excuses… it is what it is, and that’s all it ever will be – now, to what becomes instead. To keep in the relative explanatory environment of a lot […]

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The Moth Gatherer – Pale Explosions

New track from The Moth Gatherer – first track out from the Swedes’ forthcoming second album The Earth Is The Sky. While their debut from 2013 – A Bright Celestial Light – was a delightful piece of modern post-metal, both soothing and aggressive, Pale Explosions shows a more focused band, both in the dynamics between […]

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