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My Week In Tracks #5

Well, due to generally having been caught up in a lot of things this week in tracks have to cover 2 weeks – other than that, business as unusual… Featured image attribution: excerpt of photo of Pazuzu-statue, taken from Wikipedia, license: CC BY-SA 3.0 – thanks! Oranssi Pazuzu – Hypnotisoitu Viharukous Lifted off their phenomenal […]

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My Week In Tracks #4

Quite an eclectic offering for you this week… which is of course more or less what this site is all about – have fun :-) Gorguts – Le Toit Du Monde Before venturing out into the waters of the new Gorguts EP Pleiades’ Dust, I gave Colored Sands yet another spin. Which led to another, […]

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My Week In Tracks #3

Relatively short playlist this week, but still plenty good :-) Esben And The Witch – Planet Caravan Sometime while I was busy – deeply buried in Roadburn-bands – English postrock band Esben And The Witch issued a 4-track acoustic EP. Last week I noticed – and dropped everything to listen (yup – I really am fond of them :-) […]

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My Week In Tracks #2

Time for the weekly playlist of tracks that made my week… Callisto – Fugitive Taken from the Finnish postrock/metal band’s 2006 album Noir, this track is a wonderful combination of soothingly emotive parts, and more abbrassive parts of metallic excellence. This is my favorite semi-hangover kind of music, with the perfect mix of soothing regret […]

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My Week In Tracks #1

Another new “series” – every week I’ll post a short playlist with some tracks that caught my attention during the week… it could be classics revisited, it could be new tracks, or simply something I hadn’t encountered before. This week in a bit more sombre mode than what my music-week normally looks… but then, it […]

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