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Ruinebell – Ember’s Grave

Perfect for the weekend! In the same sludgy vein as for instance Amebix, Tau Cross, and early Voivod, Finnish/Spanish project Ruinebell is definitely worth a listen, as they carve out their place in the grand scheme of metal by adding further to the mix, instead of simply being carbon copies of those who came before. […]

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Debase Yourself – Now!

Oh, wow, just the thing for a foggy Monday morning. (Even though it is evening at the time of writing this – this band did kickstart my day earlier on) Altarage from the Basque part of Spain play a “delightful” blend of crispy blackened death with a definite “avantgardy” flavour. On their just-released MMXV demo (available digitally as well as […]

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