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Roadburn 2018 – 073: Supersonic Blues

Sometimes, the job of being deep into music coverage is a pretty difficult one – for instance, when in the midst of a project like this whole Roadburn-presentation thing, you’re faced with having to describe a band that have release the grand total of 8 minutes of music. Anyway – Supersonic Blues play a fuzzy, […]

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Roadburn 2018 – 072: Spotlights

With Spotlights (whose second album Seismic was recently released by venerable – and completely eclectic – label Ipecac) we’re in slippery territory, moving postrock into deeper and both more aetheric and heavier territory. On a couple of albums and EPs Spotlights have been playing around with adding both a solid dose of shoegaze and noisepop […]

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Roadburn 2018 – 070: Gallops

Maybe the main reason I’ve never really gotten into techno (apart from trance, which more or less has more in common with the spacier parts of rock than anything else) is probably because I have been unable to detect any kind of soul or emotion in the music itself – all I seem to hear […]

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