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SBL-Radio – 2017, Volume 9

OK – another edition of the SBL-Radio playlist is up – this time around heavy on the stoney-doom and black side (but there are other gems too, of course). And with the weather acting up as it is here in Denmark right now, black and doom is where it’s at. Enjoy! And to always have […]

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SBL-Radio – 2017, Volume 8

Once again, an hour and a half of mind-expansion for anyone daring enough to explore whatever catches my attention. And to always have the latest edition right at your fingertips – go here and follow the playlist ;-) 1. Sundays & Cybele – Butterfly’s Dream. From the 2017 Album Chaos & Systems – Facebook – Bandcamp 2. Peter Silberman – […]

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Amenra – Children Of The Eye

If there’s a band that’s almost synomous with visual presentation it must be Amenra. From their incredible video-backgrounds for their electric live-masses, which are a big part of the devastating effect of catching them live, through the graphical aesthetics of their work (be it albums or merchandise), to some incredible video-work – everything seems to […]

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Sunken – Departure

First off – an apology. The band sent me this album a couple of weeks before release – unfortunately, it would take months for me to get into the headspace I am now, actually being able to string words together in a coherent fashion, to do this album justice. But then, I’d like to think […]

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