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Roadburn 2018 – 061: Watter

There is something laid-back and spring-like about Watter. No matter if the titles of these instrumental compositions sometimes seem gloomy (like Bloody Monday, or Death Knock), the effect of listening to Watter is somewhat akin to lying on the back on a nice summer’s day next to a slowly flowing brook, reading wondrous stories from […]

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Roadburn 2018 – 050: Boris

20+ years ago, 3 people naming themselves (or at least their band) Boris did something that even to this day seems surrealistic, inconceivable even. Boris released their debut-album Absolutego in 1996, a monolithic, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, wildly expansive piece of droney sound-experimentation, rife with hums, feedback and the works that seems to expand with each and […]

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Roadburn 2018 – 049: Forgotten Tomb

(Self)Nihilistic depression has many different faces, and listening to Italy’s Forgotten Tomb will show you a great many of them. Starting off as a dirty blackened thrash/death band, but soon set on a somewhat more sinister and threatening route. Forgotten Tomb Livebericht + Interview 2010 Interview by Stage Secrets, 2010 A route that leads […]

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Roadburn 2018 – 048: Thou X The Body

The Body and Thou’s 2 collaborative releases (an EP from 2014 and an album from 2015) promises a performance with hectic maelstroms of noisey and harsh sound washing over an audience that (hopefully) will understand to internalize everything, letting the music cleanse through them like fire, with these dark nihilistic compositions where nothing that even […]

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